Thursday, December 18, 2014


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The other day I had a customer in her late 30's/ early 40's ask me about how to eliminate chest wrinkles. I've had them myself since I began to sleep on my side after a car accident over a decade ago and they don't tend to bother me because my skin is so fair. It's not something I or others tend to notice. In her case she is tan and wrinkles can be more pronounced on tan skin as the wrinkles have grooves that get less exposure than the layers that are exposed to the sun. 

Most of us neglect to take care of our poor necks and décolletés, not to mention hands. I have compiled a list of my top ten ways to either repair or prevent chest wrinkles since Photoshopping ourselves in real life is still not yet an option.


1. Sleep on your back- Simply put if you sleep on your back the skin does not fold over causing the grooves. I say that it is better to get quality sleep than worry about sleeping on my side.
2. Laser- Laser, especially Fraxel® can temporarily restore the collagen and make the grooves less apparent, but over time this can thin the skin and cause sun-sensitivity. If you sleep on your side you'll still eventually have the same issues.
3. Silcone Pad- A silicone pad is my favorite. You can slap on some cream, slap on the pad and give yourself an overnight anti-aging treatment. I find this to be one of the more effective ways to not only repair, but prevent the wretched train tracks.

4. Breast Pillow- The breast pillow has become popular from television reports, but I find strapping them on appears to be tedious. At bed time I just want to finish my beauty routine and drop into bed. Some of the reviewers of these products suggest sticking a towel or another object between the breasts to keep them from folding over instead of forking over the cash for the pillow.
5. Fillers- Filling the skin is another way to effectively help reduce the grooves. Juvederm tends to be the filler of choice, but Restylane® is also an option.
6. Dermarolling- This is another favorite of mine. I like to perform dermarolling for my customers to help strengthen the collagen and imbed vital nutrients like vitamin c, e. Please don't do this at home.
7. Sunblock- (not sunscreen) Self explanatory. Sunscreen helps to keep cell damage minimal and keep skin elastic.
8. Antioxidants, Vitamins and Peptides- Eating foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins (vitamin c helps to build collagen) is very important in keeping skin elastic. If you feed your body, your cells and thus your skin will greatly benefit. Topically applying vitamins can also be beneficial. Vitamin C at 15 or 20% is great at building collagen. I also just discovered a line called Bionova that builds the skin through vitamins.
9. Exfoliate- Exfoliation (SUPER fine grain) helps to improve circulation and keep skin more elastic causing the wrinkles to minimize. Physical exfoliation is great for skin tone. Chemical exfoliation is for age spots and other discoloration, but you must be careful in the sun.
10. Moisture- This one is also self-explanatory. The more hydrated the skin, the less lines appear and more elastic the skin. Moisturized skin also helps to fight harmful UV damage. I prefer raw coconut oil or whipped shea butter.

Please note I did not add items like the Dermawand or LightStim as other options. I find that most people are not diligent enough to do these things, which is why they did not end up in my top ten list.