Thursday, December 18, 2014

Three flavored waters


Since we'll be spending the next few weeks doting on the new baby, I've scheduled daily regular posts and guest posts, which I hope you enjoy. Of course, I'd love to pop in now and again to share family photos and our birth story, as well!

First up: Do you ever make flavored water? It's easy and refreshing, and it's beautiful to serve when entertaining friends (or just reading a book outside). Plus, regular water gets boring! Below are three great variations we tried out...


Blackberry Sage. This was the crowd favorite. Tip: Massage or crush the herbs before putting them in the water to help release the full flavor.


Mixed Citrus. We used oranges, lemons and grapefruit; and blood orange would be beautiful, too. Tip: We actually added sparkling water to this one, which was delicious.


Ginger Mint. This had a great kick. Tip: The longer the ingredients steep, the stronger the flavor will be, so consider mixing this up a few hours ahead of time, depending on how strong you'd like the flavors to be.


Thoughts? Any other flavors you'd recommend?