Thursday, December 25, 2014

Naturtint Hair Dye

I have been dying my locks for a good few years now and i'd never really
thought about the repercussions that it has on my hair. I have oodles
of long thick hair that can pretty much take a beating without really
suffering too much. Then when i started to cut out chemicals like SLS
and parabens i realised i should probably do the same when dying my
hair. As it turned out my favourite colour got discontinued and i
thought i may as well just take a break from dying it. Six odd months
later and my roots were down by my ears and people were starting to get
fed up of me moaning about them!

In an epic turn of perfect timing I was contacted to try out a lovely natural hair dye brand called Naturtint from Natures Dream that promised to give amazing full coverage with a natural clean formula. You can imagine i jumped at the chance!

I chose the permanent hair colour range and using their extensive colour guide took my pick from an amazingly wide and beautiful range of colours and tones
and settled on the beautiful Light Golden Chestnut (5G). What is even
better is you can actually mix the colours together to create your
perfect shade, a guide for this is also provided!

The formula is free from an amazing list of chemical nasties. No:
Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Silicones, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Heavy
Metals, SLS, Formaldehyde derivatives or artificial fragrances. WOW!
Plus it is enriched with Sunflower extract and other amazing natural
nutrients and oils (all organically certified too!)

I enlisted the help of my ma and off we went to eradicate those bad boy
roots. There are several methods for different types of dye jobs, but
mine was a simple dye all-in-one-go job. So, just like other brands you
simply mix two solutions, give it a few a hefty shakes and away you go!

Firstly to mention is the scent, while it isn't the most prettiest of
smells it is by no means unpleasant and I actually quite liked it as it
smelt 'earthy' and 'raw'- an odd way to describe it but you know.
Blissfully due to the ammonia free formula there was zero acidic tart
eye watering smell that you get from typical brands of hair dye and it
seriously made the whole experience immensely better, not once did i
think -gee i need to crack a window! 

Next point to mention about this is the wonderful SLS free formula. SLS
is a foaming agent and often dries out the skin and can often cause
irritation. With Naturtint i noticed pretty quickly that my scalp wasn't
and didn't sting or itch during the whole process which again was such a
blessing and a bonus. Seeing as my ma was the one pasting the solution
onto my locks (and having been dying her hair for a good 30 odd years, a
bit of an expert) I asked her how it differed from using a traditional
dye kit. She said she was impressed because as it didn't foam up it was a
whole lot less messy and splashy than other brands and therefore much
easier for her to control. This meant that A) my nice white bathroom
stayed white and B) my ears and neck remained mostly unsmeared, while my
hair got the full amount of coverage. Also when it came to cleaning
what bit of me had caught a bit of dye, it washed off my skin really
easily and didn't require an of the usual vigorous scrubbing with a
rough wet flannel or makeup remover!

So once we had slapped two boxes worth (i have A LOT of  hair, but two
was plenty) of dye on I left it to process for 30 mins then washed out
with the lovely shampoo provided and then conditioned with the amazing
colour fix conditioner! This conditioner is heavenly, my hair was smooth
smooth smooth! It smelt wonderful and there was enough in one tube for
several washes even with my heap of hair.

So the final result? Well I am 100% loving it, my hair has full deep
gorgeous glossy coverage, no patches, no dryness and no lingering smell.
The colour is rich and intense and absolutely beautiful. I have had so
many compliments on my new colour and even after a few washes it remains
rich and glossy and soft. I has lightened ever so slightly after 3 or
so washes but nothing drastic and in actual fact the washes helped bring
out even more shades and tones to the hair colour. It's amazingly
natural and multi-tonal. 

I literally cannot fault this hair dye in any way. I will definitely be
purchasing this for myself when i need to re-dye it, it is a bit pricey
at £9.99 a box, but for healthy hair that has such incredible natural
colour it's seriously worth it! I actually enjoyed dying my hair, which
is really something! 

All photos taken two weeks after dyeing and after 3-4 washes

The only slight issue i would mention is that the colour that is shown
on the box is pretty different to the colour chart on the website and
very different from your actual result colour. I chose my colour online
and my hair has turned out just how i expected and looks like the colour
shown online but my box looked really different and at first i was a
bit worried, but it turned out perfect. So just a note, judge by the
online colour chart, not the box. 

The mothers final verdict? 'I think it's superb!' High praise indeed from the queen of hair dying!

Naturtint range also includes Nutrideep Multiplier (conditioner), Nutrideep Shampoo and Reflex non-permanent colour.