Thursday, December 25, 2014

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Collection!

A few weeks ago I was just casually minding my own business when an
email popped into my inbox that made me squee with excitement and
literally drop everything and whip out my credit card. Aaah i'm so
easily enticed. Anyway this email was from bareMinerals, my holy grail
of healthy clean make up and they were announcing an exciting surprise

Basically you pay £30 i think it was and will be sent a secret and
surprise selection of 7 goodies from their entire collection! Aaah the
possibilities were endless! What would i get?! The total worth was
something like £75 so I literally could not physically stop myself from
getting this.

Oh I am glad i did. I'll be honest, it was a total risk. I'm not by any
means an adventurous make up wearer. Colours are not thing and i just
don't have the skill or look to pull them off and their are plenty of
colours in the collection that i would be too shy to try. So as I say it
was a risk.

But if is all about risks eh?! So without further a do this is what my 7 surprise goodies were. 

[?] Mineral Eye Shadow - Citrus Twist [?]

A warm shimmery pinky honey coral colour. This is to die for! so
beautiful, i reckon it would also look nice as a blush! This i can see
becoming my staple go-to eye colour.

[!] Mineral Eye Shadow - Twilight [!]

This is a rich deep shimmery dark grey-blackish tone with a hint of
midnight navy. It's not solid black so will be ideal for a smokey eye
and a dramatic night time look.

[?] Mineral Eye Shadow - Black Emerald [?]

Oh my, oh my. This colour is like emerald dust! Green is may fave
colour and this shade, a blend of black and emerald is probably the only
bold colour i will willingly try. I could shimmer this all day in the
light, it just looks so beautiful. This will make me push my boundaries a
little and not be so scared!

[!] Natural Lipgloss - 7 Layer Cake [!]

Hmm, well to be honest i'm not a massive lipgloss girl, despite this
it is a pretty pretty pink that I reckon I might just give a try. You
never know. This has to be my least liked product of all the surprises.

[?] Flawless Definition Mascara [?]
What a win. I've never tried their Mascara before and we are all on
the hunt for the perfect natural mascara. Lets see how this one does!

[!] Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner - Black (8pm) [!]
Groovey, can't beat an eyeliner and waterproof to boot, perfect for this winter with all our british rain.

[?] All Over Face Colour - Glee Radiance [?]

YYeaah! Fabulous, I'm a huge fan of bareMinerals face products,
whether its foundation, setting powder, veil, blush, warmth etc, i love
them all. I've already used this and i think it is bloody marvey! Subtle
colour with a hint of shimmer for a natural glow without any heavy
glitter - perfick!

I'd say I got a pretty fantastic bunch of surprise products this time,
i'd definitely buy one again. Would you give one of these surprise
bundles from bareMinerals a go?