Thursday, December 18, 2014


Recently International artist Mercedes Parilli of the George Salon in Chicago caught my attention when I saw her yummy recipes for dry shampoo! I love a good dry shampoo especially because I have such fine, heavy hair. I grew up with my mother using Clairol's Psssst when I was a kid and saw how much time it saved me as a teen especially during the Rave and Aquanet days!

According to hairstylist icon Orlando Pita (whose client roster includes Madonna and Gweneth Paltrow among dozens of others) there is such a thing as washing your hair too much.  He always used to remind me that we really should only be washing our hair once or twice a week otherwise we could be stripping the essential oils from our hair. In fact, washing your hair too often can make your hair even oilier. Teen Vogue has a nice article about that.

Mercedes Parilli informs us that "our cupboards hold everything you need to make your own dry shampoo! Just grab corn starch (which is more natural compared to baby powder and baking soda). Corn starch is also very oil-absorbing!"

 Brunette Formula = Mix Corn starch + Cocoa Powder
If you have darker hair, mix unsweetened cocoa powder with cornstarch.

Redhead Formula = Mix Corn starch + Cinnamon
If you're a redhead, use cinnamon with cornstarch equal parts.

Blonde Formula = Mix Corn starch + Essential Oil

If you have light colored hair, mix cornstarch with an essential oil of your choice for fragrance.


Once mixed, apply with a large cosmetic brush or put into a salt shaker and apply to roots. After application, rub in really well to absorb oil and style accordingly.

Parilli says making your own natural dry shampoo is inexpensive and helps you avoid hazardous chemicals. Dry shampoo made at home is fast-acting and your hair will feel, look and smell amazing. Using dry shampoo the second or third day of not washing your hair saves time while keeping your hair looking great. But, it is also important to cleanse your scalp regularly. Cleansing the scalp keeps hair follicles stimulated for healthy hair growth.