Thursday, December 18, 2014


For many years now I have been doing skin evaluations thanks to the Beau Visage (3mm below the skin). The photo on the right shows blood flow with sun damage on this customer's skin. The photo on the left is just sun damage that is coming to the surface. What's cool about these images is that it shows the customer has been super diligent wearing her sunglasses- so much so that hardly any sun ever reached her eye area. She hardly has any wrinkles or pigmentation around her eyes (even if you can tell in the blood photo she has had lid surgery).

The other cool thing about this photo is that if you look VERY closely you can see a big white patch right in the middle of her forehead. This is where she has had botox injections. Botox stops blood flow from going to the muscle so that the muscles don't contract. Unfortunately it also stops the nutrient supply to the cells and skin around the injection site. In person her skin is very thin and shiny in that area compared to the rest of her forehead.

Back to eyes- I can't emphasize how important it is to wear large UV 400 sunglasses if you want to reduce eye wrinkles. I have seen hundreds of photos like the one pictured above and there is no question sun damage correlates with eye wrinkles. There are two reasons why: one cellular/dna damage that breaks down the cell and the collagen and the other is the actual act of squinting deepening the lines by separating the collagen deep below the skin.

Dr. Mercola is not a fan of wearing sunglasses for many reasons, but if you follow this link it goes into why. He has some great tips as to choosing the correct sunglasses (not sun wear that might hurt your vision). While I may not entirely agree with everything he says here there is a lot of great information at that link.

Also, beware of eye cream. Most eye creams out there are irritating because they are meant to bring extra blood flow to the delicate tissues around the eyes. This helps to temporarily puff out the wrinkles. This method is counterproductive in regards to anti-aging. The puffing stretches out the skin and causes loss of elasticity. It also does a lot of other things, but for now just know if it irritates you then stop using the eye serum. Go for a coconut oil or shea butter instead to help hydrate the delicate tissue around the eyes. Many fine lines around the eyes can be prevented with just a little moisture (applied with your ring finger with movements towards the nose)!