Thursday, December 25, 2014

HJ Manicure

Before I went on holiday I was sent some gorgeous samples of the '5 Free' natural nail polish brand HJ Manicure.
I'd never heard of the brand before but I love discovering new brands
and after checking out the website I was very eager to give them a try!

I chose two colours, Tropical Sunset* (from the Holiday Collection) and Thunder Storm* (from the HJ Signature collection). Today I want to focus on the heavenly shade Thunder Storm!

Thunder Storm is a sultry, dusky grey toned lilac and I fell in love
with the colour straight from the website. If I could only choose one
colour, it would be this. It is soo soft and gentle looking, dusky
without looking bland and dull. Just beautiful!

I have to be honest when I first applied the polish I thought the
formula was very runny and worried that combined with my terrible nail
painting skills it would be thin and streaky. But no, you soon realise
that the formula is thin but this actually means that is seems to settle
perfectly on the nail with literally no streaking at all! I think the
long narrow brush really helps with precision too. The fluidity of the
polish certainly doesn't compromise the cover either, one coat is
perfectly opaque and as I said no streaks and completely patch free.
Being so fluid makes it mega easy to apply and fast too.

Talking of fast, this polish dries really well and speedily without
getting sticky and tacky which for a cultz like me is a bonus (no more
finger prints on my nails!) Like I said you can happily get by with one
coat but two coats really gives it that extra summin' summon'. The
finish is smooth and has a beautiful gloss and shine to it that really
helps enhance the colour!

As for durability, well i tested these polishes on holiday and at home
and with a top coat they stood the test of Sun, Sand, Sea, Swimming
(chlorine and salt), Showers and the nibblings of a teething 8 month
old. They lasted through multiple hair washes and washing up and wear
and tare started shooing on the tips at about day 3 and proper chipping
after about day 5! I think that's pretty good going for a natural nail
polish brand.

Of course these nail polishes are toxic free. Free from all the top nail
polish nasties including Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toulene, DBP
(Di-butyl phthalate) and Camphor. They are also free from Animal
Derivatives and so are Vegan and also cruelty free!

Polishes are £9.50 (15ml) and available online at HJ Manicure