Thursday, October 16, 2014

Important Fabulous 10 makeup tips for green eyes

Selecting the right makeup for you is all about complimenting your natural skin tone, hair color and, of course, the color of your eyes. Green eyes are especially beautiful, so you want to make the most of the assets that you have, and draw attention to them with shades of makeup that complement the color of your eyes and not clash with it. Here, we look at some of the top makeup recommendations for girls with green eyes, so read on; you might find some new ideas.

1. Avoid silver shades
Bronze, copper and gold can look fabulous with green eyes, but silver rarely works. Metallic shades are great with green eyes, especially for evening wear, but most people agree that silver is the one to avoid.
2. No black eyeliner
Although there are no hard and fast rules with makeup, black eyeliner is another thing that many people would agree doesn’t work too well with green eyes. Try instead, chocolate or coffee eyeliner and, if you really have to go for black, go for charcoal, not pitch black.
3. Make your eyes pop with a little white eyeliner
You can really open up your eyes and make them pop with a touch of white eyeliner. Just add a little white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye, close to the tear duct, and it will really brighten up your eyes.
4. Purples
Purple and green complement each other perfectly, especially, when combined with some violet eyeliner. Purple eyeshadow and violet eyeliner will look fantastic with your green eyes, especially in the daytime.

5. Peach blush
For a blooming complexion that will compliment your eyes, try a peach shade of blush. Cream or powder, a peach color will draw attention to your green eyes perfectly.
6. Use a concealed
You don’t want attention drawn away from your eyes by any dark circles or redness under them. For dark circles, use a yellow shade of concealed and for any redness, use a green tinted primer.
7. Frame your eyes with your brows
You have beautiful eyes, so frame them with well cared for and shaped brows. Keep your brows trimmed or have them shaped and use a pencil to color in any sparse areas. Remember though, the best eyebrow makeup, is the makeup that you don’t see!
8. Use warm colors
To get your eyes noticed, warm colors will compliment your green eyes well. Day and night, warm gold, copper and bronze shades really make green eyes pop.
9. Mix shades and blend
Don’t stick to just one shade of eye shadow, experiment with, at least, two. You can create more shape to your eye by shading and contouring with eye shadow, but be sure to always blend eye shadow well, even if you’re using only one shade.
10. Curl your lashes
Always curl your lashes to open up your eyes and to let everyone get the full effect of your green eyes. For mascara, go again for warm shades, like brown, so it doesn’t overpower the color of your eyes.
Stay beautiful!